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Tie Rod Ends

The tie rod end is part of the vehicle’s steering system. In the more popular rack and pinion system, the tie rod end is the connection between the axial joint and the wheels, transmitting force from the rack gear to the steering knuckle. It is one of the major pivots in the steering system, causing which triggers the wheels to turn.


MOOG® tie rod ends
strong and easy to fit


MOOG tie rods are produced using high quality steel and adjusted to the application requirements for maximum strength and durability.

Going the extra mile to stay on the right track

Every driver wants steering that’s pin accurate and which provides a good feel and an excellent response in all conditions. The innovations we’ve incorporated in our range of tie rod ends ensure that they deliver. Induction hardening makes the studs five times more durable and twice as strong, ensuring that our tie rod ends are far safer in the long term. The new hybrid core carbon fibre bearing has better friction properties and the increase in radial deflection is reduced by 40% on average. The new synthetic grease in the bearing makes it easier for you to install, and gives your customers optimum smoothness. The zinc flake coating on the accessories not only looks better, it has outstanding corrosion-resistance. We’ve also gone the extra mile for you by adding flanges to the nuts which provides a larger surface, thus increasing the locking force and therefore safety.

From now on, you’ll be able to recognize our differentiated Steering & Suspension products instantly in their bright new packaging.

Tip : A worn tie rod end can cause wandering, erratic steering and also major tyre wear. Whenever new tie rod ends are fitted, it is necessary to carry out wheel alignment.


Key Product Features


  • Zinc flake coated and flanged nut: Corrosion-resistance and increased locking force
  • Metal sealing rings: Optimal sealing
  • Carbon fibre reinforced bearing: Less friction and more durable
  • Induction hardened stud: More durable and stronger



3D Product Animation Tie Rod Ends


Quick-look benefits


Made from premium forged steel


Designed to meet the needs of each application


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