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MOOG® silentblocs

Silentblocs (rubber to metal bushes) absorb vibration and tension between the vehicle body and the suspension system, improving the ride, handling and safety of the vehicle.


Maximized vibration absorbance
with MOOG® silentblocs


Made of premium quality materials and designed to the highest specifications, MOOG® silentblocs ensure optimum vibration-absorbing performance in every application.
MOOG silentblocs are capable of withstanding extreme conditions and substantial loads.

High-performance features

  • Advanced natural rubber bushes providing better handling and longer life. 
  • Bushes remaining unaffected by oils, alkalines, ozone or hydrocarbons, they can withstand extreme weather conditions and carry substantial loads - avoiding cracking or discolouring over time.


Quick-look benefits


Resistant to cracking, wear and discolouration


Designed to withstand pressure and extreme driving conditions


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